Month: November 2016

By Cole Elliot | Personal Trainer | FITNESS

Cole has been a professional trainer for over half a decade, and a fitness enthusiast for his entire life. His philosophy focuses on building positive life-long habits, enhancing the well-being of his clients, and empowering them with knowledge, support and inspiration. We sat down with Cole to find out more about his training style, his favourite success stories, and what he does for fun.

April 10, 2019


At INLIV we are all about inspiring amazing lives, but we love it even more when our clients are the ones inspiring us! We are super excited to feature one such client, whose efforts both in the gym and in her daily life have enabled her to experience some incredible achievements. Bev has been an INLIV Fitness client for 10 years, and we sat down with her to chat about workout motivation, fitness goals, and cookbooks!

April 10, 2019