Winter is the perfect time for laser treatments. At INLIV, we are combining our non-ablative fractional laser treatment with the healing and rejuvenating effects of platelet rich plasma to create a powerful combination facial rejuvenation treatment that improves skin texture, tone and stimulates collagen production for natural, long-lasting results.

What does the Non-Ablative Fractional Laser do?

  • The fractional laser delivers energy into your skin, creating little ‘channels’ into the dermis.
  • Improves skin’s texture and tone.
  • Treats fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet.
  • Reduces the appearance of melasma and sunspots.

What does PRP do?

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) harnesses the healing powers of your own blood to stimulate collagen production and encourages the regeneration of cells to rejuvenate the skin.
  • Rejuvenates the appearance of your skin.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Stimulates collagen production.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

How the Fractional Laser + PRP treatments work together:

  1. Our registered nurse will draw a small amount of blood from your arm, similar to when you are having medical lab tests completed.
  2. While you’re having your laser treatment, your blood is placed in a centrifuge to separate the working platelets, creating platelet rich plasma (PRP).
  3. The fractional laser passes over your skin, and the beams create microscopic wounds into the dermis level of your skin.
  4. As a natural result of these tiny wounds that have been created, the body works with the surrounding healthy tissue to regenerate the areas that have been damaged encouraging new, fresh skin cells to grow.
  5. While these microscopic channels or ‘holes’ from the laser are still fresh, the platelet-rich plasma is applied topically – it’s painted on your skin. The PRP is colourless; it does not appear red or bloody like some of the magazine photos of the Vampire Facelift.
  6. The natural healing platelets contained in the PRP enter the channels created from the laser, effectively allowing for deeper delivery of the PRP.
  7. Typically with your fractional laser treatment you will experience minimal downtime – usually some redness and swelling for two to five days. Due to the natural healing platelets contained in the PRP being delivered immediately after your laser treatment, you may find it accelerates your healing time.
  8. After the treatments, your body goes to work making fresh, new cells and producing new collagen. The process is enhanced by the growth factors and natural platelets contained in the PRP.
  9. For optimum results, we recommend this combination treatment be administered again in six weeks after the first treatment, and again six weeks later, which is three months after your first treatment.
  10. Watch your skin gradually improve over the following months and experience long-lasting results!


This PRP boost is available for an additional $155 with the purchase of your Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Full Face Treatment ($899). Your appointment lasts approximately one hour for this dual treatment. Book your Fractional Laser + PRP treatment today! Contact Allie at 587.329.5450.

While the shorter days during the winter months may seem interminable, they make winter the best time to experience certain skin rejuvenation treatments like fractional laser skin resurfacingintense pulsed lightmicrodermabrasion and chemical peels, as the fresh skin is less likely to be exposed to intense sunlight – although sunscreen is always recommended!



Registered Nurse, INcare

Nadia Zinchuk has 20+ years of nursing experience, with over 10 years specializing in the medical aesthetics field. Nadia received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1992 from the University of Alberta, and received her certification in occupational health nursing in 2003 from MacEwan College University. She also has advanced training in body contouring, facial rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments and corrective skincare. Her enthusiasm for her work stems from seeing her clients transform and seeing their increased confidence and sense of wellbeing. Nadia also loves to play tennis, fish, bike and travel.