Roger Jaswal is an INLIV Personal Trainer that is passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves. Roger holds a number of degrees and various certifications that help him hone his craft and better serve his clients every day. We interviewed Roger to find out more about his background, goals and the recent adoption of Virtual Training at INLIV.

Why did you become a personal trainer?

I became a PT as it is the perfect intersection of fitness and helping people. I have been active my whole life and understand the impact physical activity has on health, anti-aging and well-being.

What are your current certifications and designations?

I just recently graduated with a Master of Science from the University of Calgary in Kinesiology. I also have a Bachelor of Kinesiology in the honors stream, as well as several designations from the National Coaching Certification Program:Basic Psych Skills, Sports Programming, Fundamental Movement Skills, Making Ethical Decisions, Managing Conflict, Nutrition Teaching, Planning a Practice and Olympic Weightlifting Level 1. I hold a TRX level 1 certification, an AGATSU Kettlebell level 1 instructor designation, as well as up-to-date first aid AED and CPR certifications.

What is your favourite training style?

My background is in Olympic Weightlifting and I bring that knowledge and scale it for my clients. There are several benefits to this training which include improving strength, increasing muscle mass and bone health, as well as improving insulin resistance, slowing the aging process, and having a positive effect on brain function. 

What is your favourite client success story?

From a client perspective, coaching Greg Lake from a 200 pound trap-bar deadlift to a 285 pound trap-bar deadlift in 3 months was pretty cool.

What are your hobbies outside of work and physical activity?

I enjoy reading and have a few books on the go. Currently I’m reading A Long Walk to Freedom which is an autobiography by Nelson Mandela, Mastery by Robert Greene, and Lifespan by Dr. David Sinclair PhD.

Do you have a personal goal you’re currently working towards?

I am currently studying for the MCAT and will be applying to the University of Calgary for entrance in 2021 to pursue a career in medicine (wish me luck!).

How has your experience been so far with the recent adoption of Virtual Training (VT)?

It has been a very positive experience so far. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first but the system is quite seamless and runs very well. Better than I expected!

How has Virtual Training benefited your clients?

VT has allowed me to support proper execution and training even though I’m not facilitating the session in-person. The experience is so seamless that sometimes I forget we’re doing things remotely as I’m really able to get involved and clearly communicate. It’s also nice to see how everyone is doing and to be able to catch up on life – not just talk about their fitness goals!

How has Virtual Training benefited you as a Personal Trainer?

My clients have worked very hard on specific goals, and as the quarantine was announced and all gyms were required to close, I was very worried that it would be detrimental to the progress we have made together. Luckily, we were able to launch VT and I am able to make sure that my clients are still able to achieve their goals and maintain a high level of fitness, even if we can’t be together in-person.

Had you considered Virtual Training for your clients before?

While I knew virtual sessions were available and thought it was a good option to connect with clients who travel often, I certainly did not think that it would replace live Personal Training. That being said, I now have clients who value the convenience and accessibility and have expressed a desire to continue using VT in the future, even after the gym reopens. It’s been a really great experience on both ends!

Will Virtual Training remain a go-to for you in the future?

Yes! I’m very impressed with how things have run so far. I was hesitant at first but I’ve been blown away with the quality of service we can deliver using this medium. Plus, there are so many applications: for clients who frequently travel for work, for clients who want to stay active while on vacation or at vacation homes, for clients with unpredictable work schedules, or for those who just value the convenience. Further, I have some clients who don’t have any equipment and we’re still smashing goals and getting in amazing workouts so a fully-equipped gym isn’t necessary.

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