Vanessa Copiak is an INLIV personal trainer with over a decade of training experience. A life-long athlete with a passion for well-being, Vanessa has seen firsthand the positive impact training and fitness can have on her clients’ lives. We sat down with Vanessa to find out a little bit more about her background, hobbies, and what makes her so driven about being a personal trainer.

Why did you become a personal trainer?

As a soccer player for over 20 years, along with a decade of training experience, I understand the different dynamics of the human body through experience as well as technical knowledge. I am here to help people; to achieve their goals, to overcome pain, and to truly create and impact healthy lives. When you work with your clients daily you create a family, and that motivates me to make a difference. My clients rely on me, but in return – I rely on them. That is why my job is a gift. It’s why I continue to be the best I can.

What are your current certifications and designations?

Canadian Fitness Professional certificate, CPR-A/AED certified, Fundamentals of Nutrition Certificate, Understanding a Fit Pregnancy- Pre/Postnatal (current)

What is your favourite training style?

Strength training is a huge passion of mine. After so many injuries and issues with my own body, I’ve been able to rehab and still lift heavy. I love feeling strong.

Vanessa has been able to work with clients like Brian Currey on their fitness journeys. Having recently sustained a hip injury, Brian was able to recover and continue training with the help of Vanessa and other INLIV personal trainers. 

What was your most satisfying training moment or your favourite client success story?

It is the individual and unique little wins from each client that make up the biggest success story for me. Having a client come to a session with motivation and knowing that initial step is the biggest for them. Working with other clients who have to regain their strength and technique and watching them grow to a better state. Being there for each of my clients, and us working together in a partnership – that is the overall success story.

What are your hobbies outside of work and physical activity?

I love being out in nature in every form no matter if it’s hot or cold. I’ll never turn down a great adventure. Creating things; using my hands to do something as simple as a craft, or building an entire garage from scratch. Also, I am a part-time session stylist which gives me the opportunity to be a part of people’s special day or a fun event..

Do you have a personal goal you’re currently working towards?

One of my main goals and focus for this year is to broaden my knowledge and expertise of the human body to ensure that I can continue to help a wide variety of clients.

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