INLIV is an industry leader in providing highly customized, one-on-one personal training and fitness services in Calgary. Our team approach enables us to draw on a diverse portfolio of health and fitness professionals including personal trainers, nutritionists, physiotherapists, and physicians to help you achieve your best results.



INLIV utilizes a motivating team approach, customizing personal training programs specific to your needs. And yes, they’ll notice if you get off track. Expect a follow-up phone call and even a house call, if needed. Our fitness center in the Victoria Park area of Calgary area is dedicated to assisting you in building your best self, and we will do whatever it takes to help get you to the finish line.

Our Rotational Trainer System includes a team of up to three trainers who rotate on a structured schedule to maintain novelty and enjoyment throughout your training sessions. You will never experience the frustration of a plateau.

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Our team offers customized fitness training for individuals of all fitness levels. Whatever your goal, we will help you get there. Whether your goal is to improve your general wellness, run a half marathon, rehabilitate your back injury, or reduce your cardiovascular disease risk through exercise, we have an experienced team of professionals from diverse backgrounds to customize your fitness experience. Our fitness packages options suit your time commitments and budget, and our integrated team approach will ensure a high level of care and support.



Through an initial consultation, body analysis by our physiotherapy team, and fitness and nutritional assessments, we determine your current capabilities, and set realistic goals to achieve your desired results.

We review your progress on a quarterly basis to track your improvement and hold you accountable to your goals. Your program includes constant communication with our fitness experts and weekly monitoring for progress. Our three month programs are custom-designed and detail your training sessions and what you can do on your own to maximize your results.


VO2max testing is the number one diagnostic tool to analyze your body’s aerobic engine. In a controlled environment, this progressive test will take you from an easy pace to voluntary exhaustion. By measuring the amount of oxygen inhaled and the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled as you exercise, our exercise physiologist will determine your maximal oxygen consumption, aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, and the ratio of which types of fuels are used during different intensities of exercise. Our expert team will then establish your training zone and track your progression.



With INLIV, you’re going places. Think of your body analysis as a personalized GPS that sets you in the right direction.

Prior to beginning your personal training or rehabilitation journey, your body analysis helps identify your unique strengths and weaknesses, assessing your movement patterns, posture, ligaments, muscle imbalances, and joint restrictions.

Our health team will use your analysis to collaborate and design the optimal program to correct imbalances, and to prevent injuries.


Using air displacement technology, the BOD POD measures lean body mass, fat mass, resting metabolic rate (the number of calories your body needs to support its basic functions of living), and total energy expenditure (the number of calories you need to make it through the day).

In just 15 minutes, the BOD POD provides information critical to tailoring the perfect training and nutritional approach for improved health and fitness.