Excessive Sweating


If you’re embarrassed by sweat stains, you’re not alone.  But don’t sweat it. We can help with injections to reduce excessive sweating, known as hyperhidrosis.

  • Significantly reduced perspiration
  • No more embarrassing sweat marks
  • Increased confidence for that big presentation or event
  • No longer need to have a change clothes at the office
  • Wear what you want! You don’t have to wear dark colours to hide the sweat stains
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • None of the itching or discomfort that often comes with using extra-strength anti-perspirants

What to expect

A typical hyperhidrosis treatment involves an average of 12–14 injections per underarm, though it depends upon the size of the area affected. The needles used are tiny and most patients report just a mild sting during treatment.

You should notice relief within a day or two, and the effects last from approximately six months to a year, depending upon the individual.

Injections for hyperhidrosis can be costly given the number of injection points, however most private healthcare plans will cover most of the medical treatment. Often the patient is only out of pocket for the injection fee with the product fee being covered by insurance.

Please note that you may be required to pay all costs for the treatment when it is administered and then file their benefit claim for reimbursement of the product. The injection fee is not covered by insurance.

Individual results may vary.

How it works

Injections for hyperhidrosis work by temporarily blocking the message sent to the nerves that prompt your sweat glands to do their thing – make you perspire.

The results from your injection treatment for excessive sweating will gradually wear off, but typically last from six months to one year.