Wrinkle reduction injections are the most popular non-surgical aesthetic treatment with men and women, seeking to ease the appearance of being tired and stressed.


Wrinkle reduction treatments are highly effective in the following areas:

  • Glabellar lines; the “11” lines between your eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Forehead furrows
  • Neck – to reduce the vertical bands
  • Brows – to provide a lift to the eyebrows
  • Chin – to treat the appearance of the ‘orange peel’ or dimpled skin
  • Upper lip – above the top lip to lightly enhance the appearance of lip size

What to expect

Wrinkle reduction treatments are fast, non-surgical and require no downtime. Most patients report no pain, as the needles used are tiny to ensure the precise injection of the prescription neuromodulator drug.

Your medical esthetic physician will first discuss your concerns and expectations before creating a personalized treatment plan. The sensation is usually described as a tiny pinprick, though some clients note they don’t even feel the needle entering the skin.

After treatment, slight redness and swelling may occur at the injection site but generally disappear quickly, usually within an hour.

Results from wrinkle reduction injection treatments are not immediately visible but will start to become noticeable within three to 14 days. The results wear off gradually, with the duration usually lasting three to four months, although it will vary depending on the individual and the area treated.

How it works

Wrinkle reduction treatments include neuro-modulators and also facial fillers. Our neuro-modulator is a well-known injectable treatment made from a purified protein. When carefully injected, it blocks the chemical signal sent from the nerve, stopping the muscle’s contraction. This popular treatment is especially useful for those dynamic muscles on the face, such as the frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet.

Wrinkle reduction treatments are an art form, requiring the injector to have a comprehensive understanding of the muscular structure of the face.

These injections are not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing, and for those with certain neuromuscular diseases.

To ensure the best outcome, your medical health and suitability is discussed with your INLIV medical aesthetic physician before treatment. As the treatment involves the careful injection of a prescription drug into the appropriate dynamic muscles, you want to be confident your injector is skilled and experienced.

To fill in deeper wrinkles and restore volume to the face, we use facial fillers. Click here to learn more about facial fillers.

*Individual results may vary.