Corporate Health

Health plans to benefit human resources

Employees who feel valued will respond with better performance and dedication to their jobs.

What better way to show your employees that they are important than to provide a comprehensive health plan? It says: Only when you are healthy and successful will the company be as well. Investing in their physical and emotional health is an incredibly effective way to boost their impact in the workplace.

INLIV has over 40 years of experience providing corporate health programs that meet the needs of all tiers within Calgary’s diverse business community. No matter what industry, or the size of your company, you can count on us to deliver current and compliant initiatives that keep your employees doing what they do best – now and in the future.


Happy, healthy, engaged employees are hallmarks of truly successful companies. By using INLIV’s Corporate Health Services, Comprehensive Medical Assessment Program, and our Health Risk Assessment Program, you can be sure that your employees are optimizing their health – at work, and at home. With our corporate health resources, you will see a positive change in your team.

Here’s what your employees can expect with INLIV’s Corporate Health Programs:

Executive Medical Assessments

The EMA includes a physician’s consultation, a review of your lifestyle and habits, and screenings in key areas. Conducted annually, it focuses on risk factors and problem areas that may affect long-term health.

Total Health Management

This prevention-based program is designed for individuals, families, and employers who want ongoing, comprehensive, and therapeutic health services. You will learn how to optimize your health and mitigate short and long-term risk factors before they become worrisome.


Health Risk Assessments

This program identifies the health and wellness factors that are most important and problematic for your team members and organization, by following a unique HRA to determine key health, job satisfaction, lifestyle behaviours, and more. This leads to a better health and wellness strategy for each individual and the organization.

Ongoing Virtual Care

With Wello, you’ll have convenient access to nurse practitioners when and where you need it. If you want unlimited access to physician care and follow-up, our Total Health Management program may be right for you.