Minimize your out-of-pocket expense. INLIV medical services may be tax deductible or reimbursable by your insurance, benefits provider or health spending account (HSA).

INLIV is unable to provide specific tax advice. Individuals should consult with their financial advisor to determine the deductibility of medical expenses on their personal income tax return and/or claiming of medical expenses by plan members under their HSAs.

Tax Deductibility
INLIV’s Total Health Management (“THM”) services are provided by licensed and registered physicians with the purpose of preventing disease and illness, maintaining health and treating injury or illness. Generally, individuals can claim a medical expense tax credit for eligible medical expenses paid. The Income Tax Act provides that “an eligible medical expense includes an amount paid to a medical practitioner, dentist or nurse or a public or licensed private hospital for medical or dental services provided to the patient”. INLIV considers THM services to be an eligible medical expense, and consequently eligible for the medical expense tax credit.

The medical expense tax credit is a non-refundable tax credit that is used to reduce the tax that you have paid or may have to pay. If you paid for THM healthcare expenses, you may be able to claim them as eligible medical expenses on your personal income tax return.

For further information on eligible medical expenses and the Medical Expense Tax Credit, please click on the following link to the CRA website Guide RC4065, Medical Expenses.

Health Spending Account

A Health Spending Account (“HSA”) is a secondary health care plan for plan members that provides reimbursement of medically‐related expenses not covered by provincial health care plans. The terms of your specific HSA will determine how much members will be reimbursed; however, in general, medically‐related expenses that meet the requirements for deductibility on an individual’s personal income tax return should be eligible for reimbursement through your HSA. Funds withdrawn from your HSA for eligible medical expenses are not included as medical expense tax credits unless the expenses are greater than the amount received. The amount of eligible medical expenses not reimbursed should be considered eligible medical expenses and you may be able to claim them as eligible medical expenses on your personal income tax return.