Most injuries are predictable and preventable.

Injury is the leading cause of death for Canadians ages one to 44. Serious injuries can occur when we least expect it during work, home, on the road, or casually spending time with friends and family. Today, July 5, is National Injury Prevention Day, and awareness is critical for saving lives. It is important for Canadians have the necessary tools and information at hand to prevent serious injuries.

Did you know?

Injury prevention awareness starts with understanding how serious these unplanned events can be.

• Injury costs the Canadian economy over $29 billion dollars per year.
• Every day 48 Canadians pass away and 634 are hospitalized because of injuries.
• Falls are the leading cause of injury deaths, emergency visits, disabilities, and hospitalizations in Canada.
• 75 percent of injury-related deaths are from unintentional causes (car accidents, falls and poisonings).

While shocking, these statistics demonstrate how important injury prevention is.

Assess the risks of each situation, take safety or skills training when needed, and always wearing the right gear. Making smart choices about daily activities will help keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Light Up Canada

Today, monuments around Canada are being lit up “Parachute green” to honour and show support for National Injury Prevention Awareness Day. A few being lit up tonight in Calgary include: The Calgary Tower, Reconciliation Bridge, Telus Spark, and Olympic Plaza. Social media users can also use the hashtags #ParachuteNIPD and #TurnSafetyOn to share your story and to support the campaign.

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