INLIV is thrilled to feature another client spotlight this month: Brian Currey.

Why is fitness important to you?

As I age, I want to be able to keep doing things I love to do in my everyday life. Obviously being fit plays a big part. Keeping fit is a discipline and I find if I can be disciplined in one aspect of my life, it helps in the other aspects of my life.

What is your most memorable or favourite healthy living achievement?

I would have to say recovering from my hip surgery. A year ago it felt hopeless, and I didn’t think I would be able to get to this point. I had been away from INLIV training for 5 months doing rehab but it was not moving as quickly as I hoped. I jumped back in at 3 days a week and each session things got better and better. The trainers were committed to me getting better and it made all the difference.

What inspires you to continue making fitness a priority?

I like the feeling of a good work out, and I like how I feel after each work out. The work outs give me confidence, and that spills out into all aspects of my life. If my body is not fit, it holds me back in so many ways.

How long have you been an INLIV client?

15 plus years.

What first brought you to our facility, and what has kept you training at INLIV?

I was introduced to INLIV by a friend that was a client. For me it’s easy to get to INLIV, and it’s the trainers and their commitment to me that keeps me coming back.

What is the next challenge you want to take on for your health and fitness?

My next challenges are to keep working out, rehab my hip, and stay in good shape!

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