March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and we wanted to shine a spotlight on our INLIV client, Sanaz Moaveni.

Sanaz has Multiple Sclerosis and has been an INLIV client for 16 years now.

While INLIV’s goal is to inspire amazing lives, often our clients inspire us, too! That’s definitely the case with Sanaz. Our entire INLIV team are so inspired by her tenacity, optimism and cheerful personality, every time she comes through our door.

Why is fitness important to you?

I have multiple sclerosis. Exercise and working out is one of the best medicine possible for managing MS. I’ve been living with MS for years, and despite that, I find I’m still in better shape than many of my peers.

My fitness journey with INLIV started back in March 2006 at Innovative Fitness. I started going once per week, then twice, then three, then I added yoga, too. And I’m continuing to come to the gym at INLIV three times a week.

Why INLIV and what has kept you training here?

The support I’ve received from the INLIV team over the years, and the impact my fitness program has had on my physical and mental health has been amazing!

I’m definitely going to stick with my INLIV training because every small improvement I make in the gym keeps me motivated and inspired. Every improvement impacts my day-to-day living.

What is your most memorable achievement or favourite healthy living achievement?

I participated in the Mother’s Day Walk in Calgary in 2007. I walked it with my INLIV trainer at that time, Alex. I can’t remember how many hours it took me to complete. Part way along the course, I had to sit and rest in a coffee shop. But then we kept going! By the time we crossed the finish line, the organizers were packing up. But I finished it! It was so motivating. We were even interviewed by a reporter from the Calgary Herald and were featured in the paper the following day.

I’ve been doing the annual MS Walk in Calgary consistently since 2009, and always with my INLIV trainer at my side.

For the MS Walk in 2022, I did the walk with my INLIV trainer, Jamie Wilkins. And it only took me a little over an hour to complete! My overall health has improved so dramatically, and I’m certain it’s because I’m continuing to work out – and work hard.

Jamie has tailored my workouts to my specific needs and ability. But he still makes the sessions harder and harder to push me, which I appreciate! “No pain, no gain.”

Do you have a personal goal you’re currently working toward?

My goal each year is to improve my time to complete the MS Walk. When you have MS, you never know what will happen. I may take a step and fall. That’s okay. I just keep getting back up again and keep going. So I keep working to improve my finish time… and not fall!

As someone living with MS, is there anything about your experience you wish to share?

MS is different for everyone. Don’t give up, just do your best. You have to move. If you don’t, you may not be able to move. Don’t be discouraged! No matter how many times you may fall, just pick yourself up again and keep trying.

Is there anything more you’d like to share about your INLIV experience?


In addition to the fitness team, I’ve had assistance from others at INLIV, also. In 2017, I was in a bad car accident. My car was t-boned and I had serious whiplash. Andrew Lester (INLIV physiotherapist) was so helpful. He worked on my neck and back for six months, getting me back to normal.

I also injured my ankle twice, and I see Andrew every four to six weeks to assist in my recovery. He’s supportive and wonderful.

I really just want to say thank you to the INLIV team – from past to present. For the past 16 years, INLIV has been the most constant thing in my life.

Jamie Wilkins, INLIV Fitness General Manager, says, “Since the beginning of her training, Sanaz has inspired many with her dedication to her health, and her commitment to her journey in Fitness.

She has participated in 14 annual MS walks, rain or shine, with her trainers by her side. Just last year in 2022, Sanaz posted her best MS Walk time! She continues to improve her performance year after year through consistency and dedication to her routine. She uses the INLIV Fitness service in tandem with our Physiotherapist to keep her body healthy and strong. Sanaz will participate in her 15th MS Walk in May 2023. We wish her luck!”

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