With so many different medical aesthetic treatments available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and can be challenging to determine which treatments may be right for you to achieve your desired results.

Your best first step is to reserve a complimentary consultation with Nadia Zinchuk, INLIV’s registered nurse who is trained and experienced in a broad range of medical aesthetic treatments.

To simplify how each different treatment works, Nadia likens medical aesthetics to home renovations.

Facial Fillers Build The Frame

Facial fillers are like the framing in your home. Fillers help add volume where needed and are especially useful in helping restore that plumpness in the cheeks that tends to deflate as we age,” says Nadia. With the added volume, it helps to create a ‘support’ structure for the skin.

Fillers are commonly used to restore volume in the cheeks, reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, help improve the contours of your face around the temples, chin and jaw line, and they’re popular for lip enhancement and augmentation, too.

Now that the framing and supports are in place, many guests are looking for ways to improve the appearance of sagging skin, frequently in the lower face and jowl area, and also to treat the appearance of hooding around the eyes. What’s next? Thermage is an excellent skin-tightening choice.

Thermage Adds The Insulation

Thermage is like adding the insulation,” says Nadia. “It works on the underlying layers of the skin to treat laxity, rejuvenating the skin, and promoting natural collagen remodelling to tighten it up.”

“Thermage for skin-tightening is like throwing a wool sweater in the dryer,” jokes Nadia. “It helps to tighten and reconfigure the fabric.”

Some guests are wary of Thermage, concerned about down time following the treatment, though Nadia notes that people typically experience just a small amount of redness that resolves quickly. And results begin to reveal themselves immediately.

“I often treat one side of the face, then allow the guest to look in the mirror to see a side-by-side comparison. You can usually notice some improvement, which is very encouraging! However, the full benefit of a Thermage treatment will reveal itself gradually over the upcoming months. And with long-lasting results, I recommend only repeating Thermage every 12 – 24 months.”

When should you start to consider Thermage? Once you begin to experience loose or sagging skin, recommends Nadia. The earlier you begin with Thermage, the easier it is to treat. “The more sagging there is, the less responsive the skin will be. For those with more skin laxity, a second treatment may be recommended, though it’s important to recognize Thermage can’t provide a surgical outcome,” notes Nadia.

Modulators Are The Drywall

Neuromodulators, such as Botox and Xeomin, are the most common popular medical aesthetic treatments and help establish a lovely smooth surface.

The Finishing Touches

INLIV offers a wide range of other medical aesthetic treatments that work to help further improve your skin’s texture and tone and help to brighten your skin. Many of these treatments can be done in tandem for optimum results, and Nadia is pleased to offer advice and suggestions.

“Tight + Bright,” combines Thermage with the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment.

Fillers + Botox + Thermage is a great combination providing excellent results, though guests who have received injectable treatments are advised to wait at least two weeks before having Thermage. This allows the Botox and fillers to comfortably settle into place before stimulating the collagen remodelling for skin tightening.

Are you wondering what treatments may be best to treat your skin concerns? Reserve a free consultation with Nadia for a relaxed, genuine, knowledgeable conversation, focused on your skin goals and concerns. 

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