While we are still trying to figure out what the “new normal” will look like even in the short term, the one thing we know for certain is that technology is in fact the tie that binds us all. It keeps us connected to our friends and family. It provides a platform to work collaboratively with our colleagues and clients. And through virtual health care, it is a means to enhance our quality of life through increased access to medical care.

But the transition into virtual health services can be daunting.

If you’ve never experienced a virtual doctor appointment, you may be wondering if it will feel personal, thorough, comfortable. You may also be wondering if the technology will be easy to navigate or if your appointment will be private and secure.

At INLIV, our Total Health Management clients can access their medical team by email, phone and now doctor video visits, in addition to in-person care. We have established a secure, privacy-compliant virtual platform, allowing our physicians to assess, diagnose and prescribe treatment for a variety of symptoms and ailments. Online doctor visits are delivered with the same standard of care; our team is committed to providing exceptional support at every touchpoint.

Whether you have questions about symptoms of COVID-19, concerns about your child’s ear pain, a lingering rash or simply need a prescription refill, you can connect with your INLIV physician from the comfort and convenience of home.

But is it secure? How do I know my information is protected?

We are currently using Zoom for Healthcare to host our virtual appointments. Zoom for Healthcare is different from the standard Zoom video conferencing platform, and is used exclusively to support video communications for telehealth.

Zoom for Healthcare meets the privacy and security standards that protect the confidentiality of protected health information (HIPAA compliance). It is also compliant with Canadian Data Protection regulations, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

What medical conditions or situations are NOT a fit for virtual medical care?

When it comes to the limitations of virtual health care, non-life-threatening conditions such as sprains, breaks, lacerations, respiratory issues, abdominal pain and certain tests (including Strep) still require in-person care, as do all medical emergencies. Rest assured, our medical team is available to support conditions requiring an in-person appointment.

In response to COVID-19, we are following all public health protocols and have implemented additional cautionary measures to ensure INLIV remains a safe space for clients and staff entering our facility. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or visit the nearest hospital emergency department.

Prioritizing your health shouldn’t wait until you get sick. Change the way you experience healthcare with INLIV. To learn more about our Total Health Management program, now including online doctor appointments, talk to an INLIV advisor today.