The INLIV Medical Aesthetics team is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our skincare product lineup: AlumierMD. In an effort to select a new product line to offer to our clients, our medical aesthetics team reviewed  a number of skincare companies; AlumierMD, created in Canada, was chosen for our INLIV clients for its medical-grade products and its ‘clean science commitment’ of being free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial colours, and chemical sunscreen filters.

Although our INLIV retail area continues to carry the popular Vivier line of skincare products,  AlumierMD was chosen as an additional product line to enhance the at-home options available for our guests. This new product line offers a wide selection of options for all skin types including normal, dry, oily, or combination, as well as products formulated for those who have acne-proneor sensitive skin, and those looking to treat pigmentation or aging skin.

The AlumierMD products contain quality ingredients and feel great on your skin. And I know some of our clients will appreciate that these products offer exceptional value at a slightly lower price point, especially on everyday items like moisturizer. With a range of moisturizers available, there is something for everyone,” notes Nadia Zinchuk, RN, our registered nurse who specializes in medical aesthetics.

Currently, our INLIV boutique is offering a curated selection of products from the wider range available from AlumierMD. Dr. Wendy Smeltzer, INLIV’s Medical Director, and Nadia Zinchuk RN have hand-picked products for the launch at INLIV.

The carefully chosen formulations enhance our previous product selection. Dr. Smeltzer is especially pleased with the AlumierMD Post-Procedure Kit as it is ideal for our clients who receive a fractional laser treatment, Clear + Brilliant treatment, microdermabrasion or chemical peel.

One of Nadia’s favourite products is the EverActive C&E Serum from the anti-aging line. “Maintaining the stability of Vitamin C in skincare products can be problematic. With this serum, the Vitamin C powder is kept separate and mixed into the serum only when you’re ready to use it. It’s a unique, effective delivery system”, says Nadia.

Want to experience more of what AlumierMD has to offer? Once you have completed a consultation with a member of our medical aesthetics team to determine the product selections that are appropriate for your skin, you will be given a code, allowing you to conveniently order from the full line available on the AlumierMD website. Your online purchase price will be the same as at INLIV and shipping is complimentary on all items.

The AlumierMD website serves as an excellent resource to answer any questions you may have about their products. While their products will help illuminate your skin, the brand is also committed to enlightening clients by sharing practical, fact-based information about the science behind their formulations. No need to be mystified by the list of ingredients or confused by marketing claims. Everything is carefully explained on their website so you can be confident and knowledgeable about what you’re applying to your skin.

In addition to excluding parabens and sulfates from their formulations, AlumierMD is committed to the environment, ensuring their packaging is recyclable, their boxes are not covered in cellophane (to decrease the amount of waste), and none of their products are tested on animals.

Dr. Wendy Smeltzer, INLIV’s Medical Director and medical aesthetics expert researched the line extensively before introducing it at INLIV. “The AlumierMD products are formulated by renowned scientists with exceptional experience in the research of peptides and matrixyl. Their chemist, Dr. Karl Lintner, PhD is an industry leader in the introduction of peptides to the cosmetic industry, including Matrixyl®, a real powerhouse peptide,” says Dr. Smeltzer.