Introducing 3D Body Composition Analysis 

INLIV is pleased to provide advanced, 3D body composition analysis technology in just 35 seconds.

Your body composition analysis with Styku uses infrared technology to measure and scan the surface of your body. The touchless and non-invasive Styku assessment then generates a detailed report allowing you to both visualize your results and review the data.

What does the Styku body composition analysis measure?

  • Fat mass
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Bone mineral content
  • Regional body fat (around the waist and hip regions)
  • Visceral Fat (fat between the organs)

How accurate is the Styku body composition analysis?

Styku’s infrared body system measures the body’s surface to within 2 mm accuracy. Results are shown to be within a few percentage points of a DEXA scan result, without the need for x-ray technology.

And unlike other body composition assessments, Styku isn’t sensitive to your hydration levels, so drink up! That big glass of water will have no impact on your results.

How often should I have a Styku scan?

Each scan provides detailed data and visual representations of your body, so having follow-up scans will reveal how your fitness, nutritional and lifestyle programs are impacting your bone health, lean muscle growth, and fat loss. That’s valuable information to have and can be motivating and rewarding as you track your progress.

It can be frustrating when you have committed to lifestyle changes to positively impact your health, yet the scale doesn’t reflect your efforts. Your Styku scans will reveal those changes that aren’t reflected by the number you see on the scale.

What should I wear for my body composition analysis?

Please avoid loose fitting clothing as it will result in inaccurate measurements. For the best results during your test, please wear minimal and form-fitting clothing, such as sports bras, tights, leggings, underwear or form-fitting swimwear.

Remove your shoes, hat, watch and jewelry. If you have longer hair, it should be pinned up.

How can I get a Styku Body Composition Analysis at INLIV?

Styku Body Composition scans are available through several of our INLIV programs.

Proactive Health Assessments

Your Styku scan is included with every Proactive Health Assessment. You can reserve a Proactive Health Assessment on its own, and it may also be part of your Total Health Management program as well.

If you are an INLIV medical client, please contact your Medical Care Coordinator for more information about your Styku scan.

Fitness Programs

Your Styku scan is included with the purchase of INLIV Fitness and Movement Medicine personal training packages of 10 or more scheduled sessions. And best of all, you can easily track your progress with additional complimentary Styku assessments (approximately every 90 days) to properly review your data.

Email our Fitness team to learn more.

Interested in a 3D Body Composition Analysis?

We will begin our Styku Body Composition Assessments soon!

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