As the weather turns warmer, there are few things better than getting outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. And with a city that’s full of bike paths, you can often find our staff out on two wheels, getting their exercise. It’s something that’s very important to us – and that’s why many of us have signed up to do the Branch Out Foundation’s bike tour this summer, in Panorama, BC!

One of our core beliefs is in the strength of the collaboration between our team members and the clients we serve. This is reinforced by personal connections and by making the journey towards a healthy life together. With this in mind, we want to encourage our clients to look beyond the gym, and to invite all of you to get out, be active in the community, and join the INLIV bike team on the tour for a fun and friendly summer trip!

The Branch Out Foundation was started by one of our own staff members, Crystal Phillips, and raises funding for research on neurological disorders that affect the nervous system. The 2015 bike tour raised nearly half a million dollars, and this year the Foundation hopes to increase that number even more. With your commitment, we can help find new and novel ways to control and cure these diseases – and what better way to do that than by getting into nature in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country?

Panorama, near Invermere in the mountains of southeastern BC, is a picturesque ski resort with plenty of amenities, and it’s located just a few hours from Calgary. When you sign up for the bike tour, which runs either 80, 100, or 160 km, your entry fee gets you four meals and snacks, entrance to the celebratory party, bike storage, ride equipment, a personalized pledge page, and more! If you book a room for the night, you can even relax after a long ride in the pool or hot tub, knowing you pushed yourself to the limit and came out the other side in one piece. And that’s a feeling that can’t be bought!

So if you’re willing to show off those leg muscles, and get some fresh mountain air, clear your schedule around June 17 and get signed up for the INLIV bike team at the Branch Out Foundation’s bike tour.

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