INLIV works with a variety of corporations, many of which employ executives who are prone to high stress, low activity, and poor nutrition that may accompany a busy and demanding job.

One of INLIV’s longstanding corporate clients recently shared their story about how our programs have affected their employees.

Profile:  A Corporate Client Story

  • An INLIV client since 2011, this company has over 50 employees who are part of the corporate health program.
  • They have team members working off-site.
  • Their primary reason for choosing INLIV came about after the organization decided to implement a Proactive Health Assessment program as part of their company wellness strategy.
  • After a review of the best-in-class programs and what INLIV could offer – here we are, years later, still going strong and working together!


This company’s key concern for their employees was implementing a holistic and well-rounded approach to wellness that would keep workers healthy. Knowing this, INLIV introduced our Proactive Health Assessment and Total Health Management programs.

We also implemented a fitness program for off-site employees – which included a trainer available on a monthly basis to lead employees in stretching, fitness, stress breaks, and nutrition advice. The fitness program has proven to be quite popular among employees and, what’s more, the employees are feeling valued and appreciated as a result of the company’s commitment to employee wellness. INLIV also takes part in wellness events hosted by the company – our INLIV staff will join such events to educate about fitness goals, positive lifestyle habits, and other health topics.

Here’s how they feel about working with INLIV:

“INLIV is part of our overall vision – to deliver strong health programs to our employees. We have seen a healthy uptick in preventative utilization of services, short-term disability has gone down, our psychological claims are down, and overall, health and wellness awareness has increased. As an organization, we really value those measures!”

How our corporate health program has positively impacted their executives and employees:

“There have been some huge transformations as a result of INLIV – diseases identified that were serious, and would have gone undetected; significant lifestyle changes and weight loss … in one case I didn’t recognize one of our employees due to the profound transformation they experienced after working with INLIV!”

They shared the knowledge they gained through INLIV’s Corporate Reports:

“INLIV is moving the needle…It’s been a great opportunity and we recognized a number of chronic conditions that executives had and didn’t know about before! INLIV was also able to identify some risk factors that were higher than the national norm, and that type of information is so helpful.” 

Learn more about our corporate reports here.

High stress and long hours at the office can contribute to a life that is not lived up to its fullest potential. In conjunction with that, employees who feel undervalued and expendable are not likely to perform their best work. Why not take care of both of these problems at once?

At INLIV, we help improve the overall health and wellness of your team, and make the pursuit of a fulfilling life easier and more attainable than ever before. Our Corporate Health plans are tailored to the needs of executives and employees alike, and – as noted above – can help everyone make long-lasting positive changes to their lifestyle.

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