Dr. Ingemaud Gerber

Dr. Ingemaud Gerber joined INLIV in October 2017 and lends her expertise in several areas of care. She is a family physician within our Primary Medical Total Health Management team, a talented injector for our Medical Aesthetics clientele, and is the lead physician in our medical program.

Certified as a Medicine physician through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), Dr. Gerber avoids using the common term “anti-aging medicine”, preferring to call it proactive medicine, lifestyle medicine or healthspan medicine instead. “Each of us is aging – that’s not a bad thing. My goal is to assist patients in healthy aging, with the help of personalized metabolic and nutritional medicine.”

Dr. Gerber appreciates the synergy she has found at INLIV. Our INLIV vision is to inspire amazing lives through preventative care, which marries perfectly with Dr. Gerber’s commitment to patient-centred care.

As a part-time hospitalist at Foothills Hospital, she recognizes the dichotomy between the hospital’s approach and INLIV’s.

In the hospital setting, she has seen many people that either did not have access to proper information, guidance and support, or did not make good choices for their health and wellness. “The medical system is more geared to getting sick people better than keeping healthy people well,” she points out. And while it’s certainly important to treat illnesses, her emphasis at INLIV is also on proactive care to achieve long-term wellness by identifying the root cause of health concerns.

As a person who is always eager to seek more knowledge, Dr. Gerber loves to show people the raw data about their health, compelling them to see what they need to work on, where they are improving, and keeping them motivated to make wellness a priority. “Through testing, genomics, and epigenetics, there’s a wealth of information available to create highly personalized treatment modalities,” she notes.

“There’s no medicine that can offer the same benefits as regular exercise,” says Dr. Gerber. And INLIV’s focus on fitness was a compelling reason for her to join our team, as she makes fitness a priority for herself and her three daughters.

Dr. Inge spends many weekends exploring the city with her children, and enjoying the mountains hiking, cycling, camping, snowboarding and skiing. With the newest challenge being a Virtual Cycle Mission across Canada on her bike that goes nowhere, also known as a Peloton.