INLIV is thrilled to feature another client spotlight this month: Annette Macsween.

Why is fitness important to you?

I have always been involved in sports and dance, and I have a better attitude when I have a form of exercise each day!

What is your most memorable or favorite healthy living achievement?

This year I was able to lose 40+ pounds with the help of INLIV. It was a goal of mine to lose it before my big birthday.

What inspires you to continue making fitness a priority?

As time goes on, I know that healthy living is so important to keep your body healthy. Lifting weights, cardio and eating well has become a part of my life.

Annette pencils in multiple sessions at INLIV weekly and receives various perspectives on her health from our personal trainers. Kirsty Chalmers is just one team member helping Annette navigate her goal of living a healthier lifestyle.


I love the trainers and their positive attitudes. They lend an ear and listen to you when your day isn’t going 100%.

How long have you been an INLIV client?

I’ve been an INLIV client for 5 years.

What first brought you to our facility, and what has kept you training at INLIV?

I was struggling and falling apart with my triathlon training. As a solution, my husband suggested that I try out INLIV. I started out one day a week, and now I am up to five days a week.

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