At INLIV, we believe in a collaborative approach to your health care. We believe in being your wellness partner. We believe in making it easy for you to get medical advice, support and appointments with your physician. We believe you should have easy access to your medical reports and test results. With our easy-to-use online health portal, we provide all this and more!

You can access the health portal easily from any page on the INLIV website. Just look in the upper right-hand corner.INLIV health portal

Check out eight of the convenient features available through the INLIV Online Patient Health Portal.

1. Book your doctor appointments online

We understand – you’re busy and it’s not always convenient to call to make an appointment. Use the INLIV health portal to book an appointment at your convenience; just select a day and time that works for you, from the multiple appointment options available. You have online access to request an in-person or telephone appointment with your doctor, schedule a blood pressure check, vaccinations, and request prescription refills. You can even check your upcoming and past appointments, too.

2. View your lab results

You’ve had blood drawn for tests and wondering about the results? Some physicians think ‘no news is good news’ but we believe in discussing your results with you, and making them available for your reference and peace of mind. Once your lab results have been reviewed, they will be posted on the health portal within five business days.

3. Request a prescription refill online

Running low on your prescription medication? We’ve got you covered! Simply log into the health portal and request a prescription refill. Your physician will review your request to confirm it is medically appropriate before sending the prescription to your local pharmacy. Your Medical Care Coordinator will follow up with you to let you know if it has been approved and sent to your pharmacy.

4. Confirm all your medications

Within the INLIV health portal, you can easily view a list of all your medications including both current and past prescriptions. You can even check the dosage reminders, and the dates they were prescribed and renewed.

5. View and download your vaccination report

Heading on vacation and can’t remember what vaccinations you’ve had or if you’re due for a booster shot? The online health portal has the answer! And while you’re in the portal, you can schedule an appointment for any vaccinations you may need.

6. Check for Documents

Your INLIV physician will have appropriate reports and requisitions uploaded into your portal under “Documents”. From there, you can easily view, download or print them, should you need a copy.

7. See your health statistics online

By clicking on the “Health Information” tab, you can see your latest and historical test results, including blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, hemoglobin A1C and sit-up percentile. You can even view them in graph form to monitor your progress.

8. Send and receive secure messages with your physician and medical team

The online health portal is a great resource to review your medical information and a convenient way to communicate with your INLIV physician and medical team. By communicating through the portal, you can be assured your messages are secure and your privacy is protected.

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Forgotten your health portal login information or need assistance setting up your account? Our Medical Care Coordinators are here to assist you. Just give us a call at 403.538.8881..

At INLIV, we believe in inspiring amazing lives by working with our clients towards optimal health and wellness. To get the most out of your INLIV experience, book a free consultation to discover all the programs we have to offer.