Yes, you read that right, pickleball.

What is pickleball?

If you play Badminton or Tennis, chances are you’ve heard of Pickleball. If not, let us enlighten you on the sport that is taking Calgary’s 55+ community by storm. Pickleball is a paddleball sport that combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. Two or four players use solid paddles to hit a perforated polymer ball, much like a whiffle ball, over a net.

Playing through a pandemic

In 2020, Pickleball became even more popular because of its small‐team versatility that allows small cohorts to play at a safe distance. Courts are offered at multiple facilities around Calgary, playable outdoors, with the right equipment and even offered by Calgary’s ever‐popular Sport and Social Club. This sport is not only fun, but also a great workout.

Fitness does not just mean lifting weights, running a mile, or doing 10 burpees, it can mean prioritizing your health through playing sports too.

A few need-to-know Pickleball points:

1. Pickleball is low impact enough for most people to play, but it is action‐packed and exhilarating enough, that it can get fun!

2. All you need to play this game is a set of ping pong style paddles, a few perforated polymer balls and location with a Tennis court to play.

3. Based on a one‐hour long game, the average player can burn up to 700 calories, which is a great sweat session (if we do say so ourselves).

4. This game is said to be an awesome way to elevate mood and ward off depression. It can also improve blood pressure levels and is a great way to get out and have some funwith friends.

Pickleball pro tip: Amazon carries affordable sets and a few more expensive sets with a portable net if you want to set‐up your own court.

Interested in playing a game?

Incorporating core strength into your workout plan is key. Abdominal muscles help protect your back and bridge your upper and lower body movements. Core exercises brace the spine and enable you to use your upper and lower body more effectively. Exercises like sit-ups, planks, and fitness ball exercises are great for your core.

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