“During the lead up to the holidays, we spend extra time, energy and resources on getting everything on our lists accomplished. However, changes to our sleep – like staying up late to get that batch of cookies made and then sleeping in the next morning – can throw us off our rhythms and can actually contribute to seasonal depression or moodiness. That’s why I try to stick to my regular schedule, especially during the holiday season. Sometimes doing less means you can ultimately do more, and you’ll have more fun, too!”

– Kelsey Kim, Medical Care Coordinator


“During the holidays, you’re going and going and going, to social and family events. Usually what I like to do is
to take time for myself to rest and recuperate. Sometimes it’s a quick nap, time to sit and meditate, or even a short walk outside. I appreciate seeing the different colours of the season; even though it’s cold out, it makes me feel warm and centred.”
– Curtis Woodley, Personal Trainer

Take a break from tech

“We spend most of year with technology ruling our lives, so around the holidays I like to put my phone and
computer away and have actual face time with my friends and family. The time spent talking and laughing with my loved ones helps me feel relaxed and refreshed during the holidays.”

– Sandra Chu, Corporate Health Manager

Forget Perfection

“It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the pressure of trying to get the perfect present, decorate the perfect tree or
make the perfect Christmas meal. I like to remind myself that sometimes the best memories come from imperfection! My kids might not remember that the cookies I made had Pinterest-worthy decorations but I’m sure they will remember that we spent an afternoon in the kitchen and had fun making a mess and adding delicious sprinkles and icing together.”
– Alaina Gouthra, Marketing Manager

Listen to your favorite music

“My go-to stress relief is listening to music. If I’m in the car, or walking to the store, I’ve got my favourite music
on and turned up – maybe I even dance a bit. There’s nothing like great music to make me feel happy and relaxed during the holidays.”
– Kristine Arreola, Client Coordinator

Fit in Exercise

“While you’re cooking big holiday meals, do five push ups or jog in place – something quick to get the blood
flowing. It’s an easy way to release endorphins while you wait for your onions to become translucent, and those endorphins will help you reduce stress and feel good.”
– Jasreet Singh, Graphic Designer


“Someone once said laughter is the best medicine – and I whole-heartedly agree! Whenever I feel stressed or
depressed, I put on a funny movie and indulge in some laugh therapy. My go-to for Christmas laughs? It Happened on 5th Avenue never fails to put me in a good mood!”
– Caitlyn Oravkin, Client Service Advisor


“Generosity during the holidays is usually focused on charity and gift-giving, but you can also be generous with how you treat those around you. Offer to help your brother with the dishes, compliment a stranger on the colour of their scarf, and tell your friend how much she means to you. Being open and loving is an easy way to share positive vibes and embrace the holiday spirit.”

– Courtney Blackshaw, Medical Care Coordinator

Eat before you leave for a party

“Even if you’re heading to a sit-down dinner, have a healthy snack like nuts before you leave for the get together. This way you won’t be drinking on an empty stomach, which can increase the effects of alcohol. You’ll also be less hungry and less tempted by unhealthier food choices. Many holiday appetizers and foods are high in sugar and fat, neither of which bode well for a healthy eating plan.”

– Dr. Wendy Smeltzer, Medical Director

Use Lists to Stay Organized

“When I start to feel overwhelmed about all of the different things I need to do over the holidays, I find the the easiest way to keep track are lists! I make a list of all the presents to buy, the groceries needed for different meals, and a pre-Christmas checklist. Keeping these lists up to date helps me remember that I’ve baked the cookies, made sure our travel arrangements are finalized, and the stockings have been stuffed full of presents. Plus, actually crossing stuff off a list can feel pretty satisfying.”

– Anna Smith
People and Culture Coordinator

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