Dr. Elizabeth Monaghan Announces Her “Rewirement

After nearly 10 enjoyable years at INLIV, it’s time for me to shake things up again. It’s not retirement, but rather ‘rewirement’.

My career path was significantly shaped by a 4:30 AM elevator conversation with an esteemed colleague many years ago. It was further influenced by his premature death. 

The secret to his full engagement with life and career was to actively manage his career and change things up every five to seven years. He never got too comfortable.  As he encountered a new interest, it meant letting something go.  While his life path was not long, it was very wide.

As my 60th birthday approaches, I feel compelled to check out some new interests. I have diverse interests and no idea where things may go but that is part of what I am embracing!

INLIV will continue to be available for your PHA medical assessments and PHA follow up care.

I am not a salesperson so if I am passionate about something, others know it’s for real. As such, it has been easy for me to recruit excellent physician colleagues to INLIV over the years, as INLIV provides a model of care which we can all embrace.  It’s what we want for our patients, families and ourselves.

It has been a privilege getting to know so many wonderful people through the INLIV family over the past 10 years.  I have learned a lot.

Here’s to health, happiness, a long and wide life path for all!

The entire team at INLIV will miss having Dr. Monaghan as part of our INLIV Proactive Health Assessment team. Over the past 10 years she has been part of INLIV, she has been an incredible asset to her patients and her colleagues. She is always incredibly immaculate and thorough in her work, ensuring the best possible patient care. We wish you the very best on your exciting path ahead,” says Dr. Ingemaud Gerber, Medical Director at INLIV.

Meet our team of Proactive Health Assessment physicians: (H2)

If you are a client of Dr. Monaghan’s and have any questions, please contact Emily Ali by email at phacoordinator@inliv.com, or by phone at 403.648.2117.

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