Greg, 54, is a busy executive who used to think he had no time, energy, or ability to work on his fitness. Thanks to his years with INLIV, he’s in better health now than he’s ever been.

Greg’s Wellness Goals:

A 2008 shoulder injury had reduced his range of motion, and he didn’t like feeling lethargic after work – especially with valuable family time being wasted every evening. Faced with weight gain and the problems that came with it, such as high blood pressure and lost muscle mass, Greg wanted to slim down, manage his stress levels, and spend more time being active with his family.

“I started running and I went on a ‘couch-to-5k’ program…In the summer of 2015, I ran my first 5k. Now I am running 10, 12, 15k three times a week, and working out three times a week at INLIV….the first thing I noticed is all the weight that came off – I was 205, now I am at 165 pounds. The first six months, changes were dramatic. What happened to me was quality of life.”

INLIV’s Strategy:

Because of Greg’s specific conditions, he met with our team of INLIV’s trainers, implementing several programs to fully realize his goals. Greg was originally a Corporate Health client with INLIV, taking part in the Proactive Health Assessment program. In 2008, he transitioned himself and his family to INLIV’s Total Health Management program.

When Greg signed up for INLIV Fitness services, the team did an assessment of Greg’s athletic needs, in consideration of his shoulder injury. Our fitness team specifically looked at Greg’s abilities and considered ways to improve his healing going forward, ultimately implementing a weekly fitness schedule that can be done even on the road while traveling.

Healthier eating, scheduled workouts, proper motivation, and a personalized touch have all contributed to a better life for Greg – years after he had resigned himself to poor joints and poor habits. Now he has a fresh and positive outlook at his future!

“I attribute it all to INLIV. The trainers I work with knew about the shoulder…the trainers are very creative about finding ways around it. Since university, I have ignored my body and my fitness – at age 52, you decide you are going to do something, and it’s amazing to see how your body responds…Now I feel better than ever. Before, I worked, then I came home – I was tired, and I was overweight and I felt lazy. I am now more conscious of what I am eating…I drink a lot of water. I pack more of my lunches. I don’t crave sugar as much.”

The Outcomes:

Greg self-reports that the biggest improvements in his life since working with INLIV are:

  • Weight loss: Nearly 40 pounds since June of 2015
  • Overall health: Better range of motion in his injured shoulder, less knee and back pain, better cardiovascular readings
  • More energy: He can do more with his family, especially his kids, and is no longer trapped in a constant cycle of stressful work all day and lethargic couch surfing at night

Greg has more self-confidence, and especially loves the improvement to his quality of life when it comes to the activities he can enjoy when he’s not working – activities that, ten years ago, he never thought he would be able to do.

“The personal touch makes a big difference…I don’t want to go anywhere else – I just want to go here.”

You can embark on a new fitness program at any age, as long as it’s customized for your individual needs. One of the best ways to start is with INLIV’s advanced, medically-based fitness assessment. Discover how INLIV can help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Schedule a free tour of our facility to learn more.