It seems like such a good idea: this year, your resolution is to get fit and stick to it! You’re determined, you’re ready, and you head to the gym in January with a playlist full of upbeat tunes and a new stick of deodorant. But before you know it, your gym bag and fitness goals are gathering dust under the couch. 

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone! It can be tough to stick to a new routine, especially if it’s a drastic change and seems like a major inconvenience. But the payoff from seeing it through is worth the trouble, especially when it comes to fitness – because it does get easier, it does get better, and the results do have a measurable effect on your health.

Here are some of the best ways to stick to your plans, get fit, and make 2017 the year you really get where you want to be!

  1. Set realistic goals. Nobody ever got rock-hard abs or lost 100 lbs in a week or two. Make sure to set healthy and achievable goals and follow those as guidelines. Start small, and go bigger once you hit the little milestones – you’re more likely to get encouraged and stay on track this way.
  2. Don’t go alone. Having a trainer or a workout buddy is an extremely effective way to stay accountable to your fitness goals. If you have a friend in mind who’s willing to help, that’s great – but if not, a trainer will make sure that you’re getting all the encouragement you need. Here at INLIV, we have trainers on staff who can help you make personalized and proper fitness plans, built just for you.
  3. Plan ahead. Make sure you’re not throwing a bag together at the last minute, wasting your gym time in traffic, or hitting the treadmill on an empty stomach. A little bit of preparation will make the process much easier and leave less wiggle room for excuses, and all you’ll have to worry about is the workout.
  4. Keep it varied. Are you dreading the thought of running today? Try a stationary bike instead. By switching up your workouts, not only will your body avoid acclimatizing to the routine, but it will keep your mind more engaged overall.

There are plenty of ways to maintain your fitness goals, but finding a program that works for you and your personality is the best way to ensure ongoing success. We strive to inspire amazing lives, and encouraging our clients to make and meet their ideal fitness goals is step one toward a healthy, happy, life!

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