Our Medical Care Coordinators are vital to INLIV and are our clients’ liaison with the physician to thoroughly communicate questions and concerns they may have. They also serve as a navigator throughout our client’s range of care, making sure they have a point of contact and someone to reach out to during their treatments.

“I love working at INLIV, the patient care is amazing here, we work together as a team and collaborate on efficient ways to do things,” said Lindsay Sommers, Medical Care Coordinator. “When I come into work, the doctors and staff always make me smile, I feel like they are my second family.”

What Does a Medical Care Coordinator (MCC) Do?

INLIV’s Medical Care Coordinators have an important role and take the complex and often frustrating elements of healthcare and help our clients get organized and feel confident in the process.

“It is night and day working at INLIV compared to the public health system,” said Laura George, Licensed Practical Nurse. When our clients walk in the door, they will not have to sit in the waiting room, they can see the doctor right away.

Our MCC’s help patients understand what’s going on with their care, stay on schedule and recover well. “The time allocated with a doctor is above and beyond,” said Trish Tanner, Medical Care Coordinator. Our clients get extended appointment times to talk to their doctor and they can discuss more than one problem, and as a team, we work together to address it.”

They advocate for your health administratively, helping you along your medical journey, including booking your yearly medical check-up, health referrals, and follow ups. “We ensure patients receive the care and follow-up they need to maintain optimal health, tracks their health care needs and navigate their roadmap of medical appointments so they don’t have to,” said Candace Jensen, Medical Care Coordinator.

These four VALUES define each member of our INLIV team. What we stand for drives our amazing culture and each individual and every one of our services. These core values are apart of everything we do:

  • CARE – Every day we show care and compassion for clients and our team that consistently goes above and beyond client expectations.
  • TEAM – We are team players that stand for support and collaboration. We trust each others’ expertise and unique perspectives.
  • GROWTH – We are committed to self-development and growth. Always pursuing new knowledge, challenges, and life experiences.
  • PASSION – We put our hearts into all we do and live with passion.