. about September always feels like it’s time to hit the reset button. Maybe it’s all the years of going back to school that makes September feel like a fresh start. What are your September “New Year” rituals? We’ve compiled a list of 22 home, health and wellness tips for a fresh start this fall.

22 home, health and wellness tips for a fresh start this fall:

  1. Clear the eavestrough – or hire someone to do it for you. You want to be ready for the spring thaw
  2. Harvest what’s left in your garden. Try your hand at canning so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in the winter months. Here are some recipes to get you started.
  3. Clean or replace all the filters in your home. Check your air and furnace filters, dryer vent, etc.
  4. Test your smoke alarms and C02 detectors and replace the batteries
  5. Replace the batteries on the garage door opener and any keyless entry locks. It’s no fun if you or the family are locked out in the middle of winter because the battery died!
  6. Check your first aid kit to ensure you have the basics. Here is a list of items for your first aid kit, as recommended by the Red Cross.
  7. Review all of your prescriptions. Safely dispose of any that are no longer needed. Check out these tips and guidelines
  8. Take stock of your kitchen cabinets and your pantry. Check expiry dates. Before you put items back in the cupboard, check for anything you won’t be using in the next few months. Donate it to a local food bank or community kitchen. It will be greatly appreciated as they prepare for the winter months ahead
  9. Empty your closet. Take an honest look at your summer clothes, shoes, handbags and belts and give generously. Anything you haven’t worn in the past year, consider donating to charity
  10. Review your winter wardrobe. As you pull your winter items out of storage and move them to the front of the closet, assess what you have. Items you no longer need, including extra mittens, scarves, coats, boots can be donated to help others in your community
  11. Donate any office attire you don’t need. Clothing that is appropriate for the office can be put to excellent use by Dress For Success
  12. Check your bra drawer. Is it time to replace some of them? Learn how often to replace your bras
  13. Buy a new toothbrush or replace the head on your electric toothbrush. See how often you should replace your toothbrush
  14. Clean out your makeup bag. Here are tips on when it’s time to toss items and start fresh from our medical aesthetics coordinator, Allie.
  15. Wash your makeup brushes. Did you know you should be doing this once a month? How to wash your makeup brushes to keep them in tiptop shape
  16. Get a skincare assessment. Our skin’s needs change with the seasons and as we age. Book a free skincare assessment with our specially-trained registered nurse for recommendations on products for at-home care and suitable treatments for your skin concerns
  17. Schedule your annual check-up with your doctor. For a comprehensive annual medical assessment, you can book an appointment at INLIV. Your assessment includes a complimentary one-year Wello Virtual Healthcare membership.
  18. Book health check-ups with your optometrist, your dentist, and other health professionals
  19. Start something new! Take up a new hobby or study a new language. Learning new skills is good for your brain health
  20. Start a fitness program or shake up your current routine. Learn more about fitness programs on our fitness page
  21. Kickstart a new fitness program, with an advanced, medically-based fitness assessment, a wellness review and more. 
  22. Download a new playlist to help keep you motivated during your workout

What’s your September reset ritual?

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