Stepping off the elevator for my first appointment at INLIV, I’m feeling a little apprehensive. Crossing the invisible threshold and turning 50 has left me lacking in confidence. Suddenly I’m acutely aware of the toll the years of too much sun and too little sunscreen have taken on my face. Sagging skin around my knees has almost eliminated skirts from my wardrobe, as I’m self-conscious.

“I’m okay with the number on the scale, yet still have stubborn rolls around my belly”

As a recreational runner, I’m okay with the number on the scale, yet still have stubborn rolls around my belly. I haven’t seen any sign of my abs in a few years. I’m definitely experiencing ‘runner’s face’ – that’s a ‘thing’, or so I’ve read in magazines – where the volume in my face has diminished naturally due to age, and the bouncing from running has increased the sagging.

Recognizing I have to do something to restore my confidence and emotional well-being, I reached out to the team at INLIV, known for their experience and reputation for health programs and medical aesthetic treatments.

“I didn’t know exactly what treatments I needed; I wanted someone to help guide me, but without any pressure”

Upon calling INLIV, I explained I didn’t know exactly what treatments I needed; I wanted someone to help guide me, but without any pressure. The receptionist had the perfect solution: a complimentary, personalized consultation with their registered nurse, Nadia Zinchuk.

Now, arriving for my appointment, the INLIV staff greet me warmly and invite me to the lounge. Nadia arrives almost immediately to guide me to her office where she listens intently to all of my concerns. She has a gentle demeanour which puts me instantly at ease.

For my face, she recommends a diamond microdermabrasion treatment to freshen the skin (I have a dinner party to attend that night, so I’m definitely doing that right now!). To treat the sunspots, intense pulsed light (IPL) will make a huge difference in reducing or eliminating them, she advises.

To restore volume, fillers will work perfectly. All injectable treatments are administered solely by INLIV’s medical aesthetic doctors, so I’ll be seeing either Dr. Pezzaro, Dr. Osei-Tutu or Dr. Gerber for those. 

CoolSculpting is the way to go for my belly rolls, and Nadia discusses how many sessions will be needed and kindly offers reduced pricing for multiple treatments. Thermage can be used to help tighten the skin above my knees.

As Nadia has some time available, I have my microdermabrasion immediately. Before the treatment, Dr. Smeltzer comes in to review everything, makes recommendations on what fillers will work best, and explains what I can expect during and after the different treatments.

“Armed with my recommendations and pricing, I emerge fresh-faced and excited to embark on my personal journey back to self-confidence. It’s not about looking younger – it’s about feeling confident; feeling more like myself”

My first IPL and CoolSculpting treatments with Nadia are already booked and I’ll be returning in two days for my injectable treatments. I think I’m going to reserve a few personal training sessions, too, as I just learned during my visit they have fitness training with no membership required. This turning 50 thing is looking pretty good now!

Discover how INLIV can help restore your health, wellness and confidence. Start with a free medical aesthetics consultation with our registered nurse, Nadia Zinchuk.

This represents a typical INLIV experience for a first-time medical aesthetics guest. Due to the personal nature of our client experiences, we respect every request for anonymity when sharing your story. Do you have an INLIV medical aesthetics story to share? Send us an email. We would love to hear about your journey!